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With the launch of 100+ businesses under my belt, I’ve developed a FAIL PROOF way to get the funding you need to move your business forward, faster. Let’s work together to make your business dreams come true.


Private Credit Coaching 1:1


Biz Strategy Sessions


Private Credit Coaching 1:1

Credit Architect - VIP


Sit back and relax while I work to get you the business credit that you need.

The Credit Architect VIP program is designed for those needing an extra, 1:1, personalized focus or prefer a done-for-you approach. (benefits of 1:1)


Let me break down what you can expect as a VIP:

  • Establish your business as a good credit risk by completing 20+ lender compliance requirements

  • Create a credit building strategy customized for your business needs and budget

  • Receive access to 100s of lenders and their underwriting requirements

  • Obtain credit accounts & lines of credit using a graduated methodology to proactively build credit in months instead of years

  • Pre-Qualify your business & Broker additional business funding products

  • A 90/10 model: We do most of the work for you, only passing on to you what we cannot legally or ethically manage

  • An immediate $5K line of credit in your business name

  • Project & process transparency: Weekly check-ins and progress reports on completion of key deliverables and tracking of key results

  • Unlimited email support so that you can get your questions answered right away

  • Weekly webinars to go over information and dive deeper into the how-to of building your business credit profile

If you’re ready to build a lendworthy business credit profile that will have lenders throwing you cash in as little as 90 days, this program is for you.


“Very knowledgeable, energetic with her teachings and individualize support for your business needs!”

Tameka Gibson

CEO Proper Hospice and Home Health LLC





If someone would just tell you what to do to grow your business, you’d be all over it.

You need someone with results and a proven step by step plan to take you from starting a business to making money in business,

I teach my clients the same strategies I’ve used to help grow household names into billion-dollar empires.